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Passion Cat Cold Brew - 4 Pack

by Joshua Millman on

Grab a 4-pack of 12oz cans of our cat-tastic cold brew!

What's in a Name? Getting to Know Free Bird

by Joshua Millman on

What’s in a name? I’m getting that question a lot these days, as people seem to want to get a better understanding of where the names come from....

I can see El Salvador… but I’d rather be with you

by Joshua Millman on

Our first Salvadoran coffee is one to truly behold, and I couldn’t be more excited about it landing on our shelves and into your cups and homes.

Sail away, Islands in the Stream!

by Joshua Millman on

Finding a name for a coffee is a journey. Sometimes it's easy and just comes, and other times, well, you gotta work for it. When I found this...

Our Story

by Joshua Millman on

When I started out to ensure people had the best coffee experience possible, I realized that not everyone likes the same coffees. Not a shocker to most, but...

Our Sourcing

by Joshua Millman on

The singular goal for Passion House is to source the best coffee from growers who are consciously growing, harvesting, and processing coffees with the earth and people in...

Our Inspiration

by Joshua Millman on

Music inspires me on a daily basis.  In my day-to-day life I am constantly analyzing my actions, my coffee, my food, the words I use, how I speak...

Our Genre System

by Joshua Millman on

Coffee is complicated - each coffee bean contains over 800 unique chemical compounds that contribute to flavor (twice as many as red wine!). We have always sought to make...

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